Alfresco Summit Hack-a-thon : Barcelona

Alfresco's European customers, partners and other community members really brought out their A-game for the hack-a-thon in Barcelona, just like they did last year in Berlin.  In all, seven new projects were kicked off and almost all of them had a working demo by the end of the day.  Here's the breakdown of the awesome work the attendees churned out this year:

Hash Based File Content Store

Stores content in a hash-based file tree structure, using hashes for content file names.  Automatically de-duplicates content with matching hashes, reducing the size of the content store.

Project Team: Axel Faust, Florian Maul, Martin Cosgrave, Andrei Temirbulatov

AlfFS - Mount Alfresco's DM store via FUSE on Linux

Allows mounting Alfresco's DM store via FUSE so it is usable as a filesystem on Linux.  Even exposes Alfresco metadata properties as extended Linux file attributes.

Project Team: Lothar Märkle

Compressing Content Store

A compressing content store implementation, transparently compresses content as it is written to the repository, and decompresses it when read.

Project Team:  Nick Burch

STL Web Previewer

A zoomable, rotatable Alfresco Share previewer for STL format 3d model files.

Project Team:  Vitali Belenki, Erik Kirs

Alfresco Share WebRTC Integration

Embeds video chat and other WebRTC functionality in Alfresco Share.

Project Team:  Tahir Malik, Michael Böckling

Vagrant and Alfresco

Build and deploy a full Alfresco VM environment using Vagrant.

Project Team Maurizio Pillitu, Willem Van Den Eynde, Carlo Sciolla

Alfresco Share Workflow Transition Control

Dynamically enable / disable different Activity transitions in Alfresco Share based on completed form fields.

Project Team:  Charles Le Seac'h, Alexey Ermakov

As with all hack-a-thon projects, this code probably isn't production ready.  With that disclaimer out of the way, all of these can form the foundation for a longer term development effort, or simply serve as examples for you as you look to develop your own Alfresco extensions.  Finally, I want to scream out a HUGE thank you to all of the hack-a-thon participants this year.  Alfresco's partner, customer and developer community never ceases to amaze me with the kind of work they do and how much passion they have for the job!

Boston, the bar has been set, next week you have your turn.  See you there!